• Supported platforms: billy3 jobsey3 benguin3

As of March 2021, we currently support Python 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you need support for a Python version not already covered, please file an issue.

New versions of Tellurium no longer support Python 2.7. For those needing Python 2.7 access, previous versions of Tellurium can be installed.

Installation Options

Tellurium can be used with variety of Python front-ends, for example Spyder, PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab. For easy access on Windows we recommend the Windows Installer. This will install the Spyder IDE as well as one click access to either Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab. Everthing is provided.

For Mac, Linux as well Windows, Tellurium can be installed using a standard pip install as a collection of pip packages:

$ pip install tellurium

For novice users we recommend the Windows Installer. This provdes everything you need and installation is like any other Windows application.

User who are more familiar with MATLAB may prefer the Spyder interface Spyder project that comes with the Windows installer and is available on other platforms via Anaconda.

The image below shows Tellurium running on the Spyder Python interface.

Using Tellurium with the Spyder IDE

Tellurium spyder screenshot

It’s also possible to run Tellurium on the popular Jupyter notebook interface or Jupyter Lab. This can be accessed from Colab , NanoHub and can also be installed on hosting systems such as binder. The Windows installer provide desktop access to Juyter notebook interface directly.

Using Tellurium With CoLab

Tellurium running under Google's CoLab